Analog Dessert's Eventide Remote

Eventide H8000(FW) Remote

The world’s first Eventide H8000(FW) Remote / Controller!  In theory, it should also support the Eclipse, and DSP 4000.   This Eventide Remote can communicate with your Eventide unit via Serial Port (I use a USB[…]

WiiMote VST

Coming soon! Using the WiiMote #VST I developed to control my #Andromeda #A6 Filter 1 & 2 🙂 My WiiMote VST has a bunch of knobs and switches (that are controlled with the WiiMote), that[…]

Delay Timing Calculator

Input your songs BPM, and get millisecond note delay timings for straight notes, dotted notes, and triplet notes in real-time! I created this Delay Timing Calculator in ReactJS as a way to to learn the[…]

OTO Biscuit VST Controller

A simple VST, which sends MIDI CC messages to remote-control the OTO Biscuit.  There are knobs to control the states of all the Bits, Filter Frequency, Filter Type, Resonance, Naked, Dry, Clock, and Input Drive.[…]