Analog Dessert's Andromeda A6 Editor / VST

Alesis Andromeda A6 VST / Editor

The world’s first and only Andromeda A6 VST & Editor which allows you to control and automate the entirety of your Andromeda A6 within your DAW. Imagine a way to quickly modify modulation routes, create[…]

Eventide H8000 (FW) Remote

The world’s first and only Eventide H8000 (FW) Remote / Controller, which essentially serves as a replacement for the extinct (and expensive) EveNet Remote.  There are some non-ideal limitations though — like the time it[…]

REAPER Readers

A Windows REAPER Extension which globally alters all the REAPER Font Sizes — in places where it’s normally impossible. Like the Font Sizes for the Media Explorer Items, Preferences, Actions, FX Browser, Stock Reaper Plugin’s,[…]

Analog Dessert's Roland SH2 Controller

CHD Roland SH2 Controller

An Roland SH2 VST Controller for Roland SH2’s that have been modded with the CHD Roland SH2 MIDI Modification     Compatibility & Requirements :  Roland SH2 with CHD MIDI Modification 32-Bit, or 64-Bit Windows XP,[…]

Delay Timing Calculator

Input your songs BPM, and get millisecond note delay timings for straight notes, dotted notes, and triplet notes in real-time! I created this Delay Timing Calculator in ReactJS as a way to to learn the[…]

OTO Biscuit Controller VST

OTO Biscuit VST Controller

A VST controller for the OTO Biscuit which sends MIDI CC messages to remote-control the OTO Biscuit.   Useful for automating the OTO Biscuit within a DAW. There are parameters to control the states of[…]