REAPER Readers

August 24, 2020

A Windows REAPER Extension which globally alters all the REAPER Font Sizes — in places where it’s normally impossible. Like the Font Sizes for the Media Explorer Items, Preferences, Actions, FX Browser, Stock Reaper Plugin’s, etc.

Technically, it works by intercepting the windows system calls (for REAPER only) that are used to create fonts. Then overwrites whatever REAPER is requesting with the sizes we want.

By default — when the extension is loaded with REAPER, it makes the font much easier thing to read, everywhere (as seen in the image below)

Additionally, several “Actions” become available to adjust the font size, or toggle the font everywhere to be bold.

There are up to 4 configurable fonts you can switch between via REAPER Actions
Never squint at REAPER ever again with my REAPER Readers