Eventide H8000(FW) Remote

Analog Dessert's Eventide Remote

The world’s first Eventide H8000(FW) Remote / Controller!  In theory, it should also support the Eclipse, and DSP 4000.


This Eventide Remote can communicate with your Eventide unit via Serial Port (I use a USB to Serial Cable), or through MIDI SysEx messages.  Rather than having to physically walk over to your rack-mounted Eventide to press buttons, you can instead press them through this software.  That’s all.


While simple in nature, this Eventide Remote / Controller can be helpful with programming your own Eventide VSIG Patches (especially when you have a webcam pointed at the Eventide Screen!)


  • Buy Here – $15

    • An Android Eventide Remote App is also in development, with a prototype in beta testing.  When the Eventide Remote App is completed, existing customers will automatically be emailed the Android APK 🙂


When you purchase the full version — you will automatically receive an EMail with a download link and a serial number (for registration on 1 computer).


Compatibility & Requirements : 

  • Eventide H8000
  • 32-Bit, or 64-Bit Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10